Deny, Deny, Deny Then Confess, Confess, Confess

Simon Hughes

With civil unions becoming legal last month and now two politicians (sort of) coming out in one week’s time, the UK is quickly becoming the U Gay. Though there don’t appear to be any rent boys involved in his story (yet), Simon Hughes has confessed his homosexuality, or rather, his penchant for gay sex. But this comes after quite a few Kenny Chesney-like denials.

Mr Hughes’ admission was at odds with comments he made recently about his sexuality, saying he “often” thought about getting married but had not been “as successful as I would have liked”.

Asked by the Independent last week whether he was gay, he said: “The answer is no, as it happens. But if it was the case, which it isn’t, I hope that would not become an issue.”

In another interview for the Guardian two days ago, he was again asked whether he was a homosexual.
He said: “I’m a single guy, which is why I guess it’s easy for people to speculate.

Well, the answer is indeed yes, and it looks like his denials, not so much the queer factor, have made this an issue.

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