Did Apple Program Russian Siri To Be Homophobic?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.01.36 AMAnyone who’s resorted to asking Siri obscene questions out of boredom knows that Apple’s monotone assistant isn’t very much fun, save for a few quirky answers to things like “Do you follow the three laws of robotics?”

But start swearing at the poor girl and the game gets old quickly.

Well it seems that in the recently released Russian-language version of Siri, ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are programmed to be swear words not worthy of a real response.

A Russian-speaking London resident posted a video to YouTube in which he asks Siri various questions about gay issues.

Mind you, he’s in London at the time, not Russia.

“Now you are using obscenities and then you are going to eat bread with the same hands,” she’ll say at the mention of “gay.”

When asked for directions to the nearest gay bar, she responds, “I would have turned red, if I could.”

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment when approached by PinkNews but said it was a ‘bug’ that has since been fixed.

Watch the artificial exchange below: