Did Austin Police Really Shrug Their Shoulders After a Brutal Christmas Gay Bashing?

Bobby Beltran, 28, and friend Christopher Ortega say five men attacked them early Sunday morning — the night of Christmas — in Austin because they are gay. After leaving the gay bar Rain around 1:30am, the pair say a car drove by full of men screaming things like “Fucking faggots, stop that queer shit!” before the men got out of the car and spent several minutes kicking and punching them — in front of 20 witnesses, who did nothing. “Stay alive,” Beltran says he was thinking the entire time. “Keep your face protected, stay alive, survive.” And when the police finally did arrive? Beltran and Ortega say the attitude of the responding officers was “too bad guys.” Adds Beltran, a gay activist: “I’ve never in my life been in any kind of violent situation, especially a hate crime, so it’s been pretty traumatic. Austin is supposed to be a gay haven, especially on 4th Street. What scares me even more is that nobody even helped.”