Did Google Flag Anti-Gay MassResistance’s Blog as Hate Speech?


Pulling links off your website is significant stuff when you’re a state agency. But what about when you’re the world’s largest search engine? After yanking an anti-gay (sorry, “pro-family”) site from its results pages, Google is now facing the wrath of … well, bigots.

The search giant is accused of pulling, the Massachusetts straight-marriage only advocacy site. It happened the first time because Google claimed the site hosted malware that infected visitors’ computers, according to (fellow anti-gay site) One News Now. Clicking through from Google encounters no problem now.

But MassResistance’s blog, on Google’s on Blogger platform, now appears with a “content warning” splash page that visitors must click through to access. As MassResistance head Brian Camenker notes, quoting from Blogger’s policy pages: ‘Users may not publish material that promotes hate towards groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity. Of course we are not promoting hate against anybody; all we’re saying is that this is what’s happening and there’s some dangerous stuff going [on] here.”

And we’re just loving their conspiracy theories: “How did we earn the “objectionable” award? Who’s gunning for us? We’re sure GLAD, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, is very unhappy with us (along with their co-conspirators on the GLBT blogosphere). Since we recently posted on GLAD’s transgender rights bill [here, here, here & here], we assume it riled quite a few individuals on its staff.”

But here’s the rub: If Google/Blogger thought MassResistance was actually publishing hate speech, it would’ve yanked the site entirely. No content warning; just a complete removal. They’ve done it before. The content warning splash page is likely a result of user flagging and complaints about “sensitive material.”

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  • Buffy

    The persecutors are playing the persecuted, as usual. Ass-resistance is not being banned or silenced. People can still easily see their offal. They just have to make one more mouse click to do it. If MR doesn’t like it (and of course the RRRW never likes following rules, only enforcing them on others) they should pay for their own site rather than using a free one. My wife and I do and it’s really not that expensive. With all the money those bigots rake in they should be able to spend a few bucks to host their own site.

  • schlukitz

    Just went to the mass Resistance Blog.

    What a pile of steaming pile of merde!

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