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Do You Want to Have 1 of 30 Dates With Kevin Richberg?

I’m From Driftwood might be on a fifty-state tour to hear your coming out stories, but Kevin Richberg, 32, is on a 30-day 30-city tour to find 30 dates and, hopefully, his soul mate. If there’s anything I love more than romance, it’s going to extremes to find it.

“The proposal itself is designed to weed out anyone that might be ‘dangerous,’ but no I won’t be doing any sort of check on anyone,” Richberg, a newly minted MIT grad and world traveler, tells GMP‘s Benoit Denizet-Lewis, who he once made out with. “And fortunately I’ve received plenty of great proposals from what seem like perfectly nice people. Probably the most romantic so far is a man from Oklahoma City who wants to cook me a six-course meal, something that would not normally seem all that special, except he proposes to do it around the entire city like a culinary tour of OKC. I’m not sure how he would even pull it off, but the way he describes it is very genuine.”

He’s received 350 offers (or what he calls proposals) so far, which sounds like a lot of narrowing down is in order, given he’s beginning this thing on or around Oct. 1. Also, many of the invitations came via and Ahem. Though he insists on this ground rule: No sex. A goodnight kiss is as far as it’s going.

[30 Dates. 30 Days. 30 Cities.]