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Does It Take The Texas Supreme Court To Let 1 Gay Couple Get A Divorce Up In Here?

Jeffrey Buck (pictured), who’s been trying to get a divorce from his husband Henry for what seems like as long as they’ve been married (okay, only since 2009), is taking his matter to the Texas Supreme Court. The purposefully non-activist couple, who married in Massachusetts in 2006, tried convincing one Texas judge he should grant the divorce (in a state that doesn’t recognize it) because, in effect, it would mean one less same-sex marriage in Texas, and can’t everyone agree that’s a good thing? And that came after another judge ruled in Buck’s favor, declaring the state’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. Huh. Whatever happened to that! But with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott up everybody’s butt about how Texas can neither affirm nor deny a gay couple’s marriage, the last resort is the state’s highest court. Or hey, maybe this thing will reach the U.S. Supreme Court before that Gill person!