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Doesn’t Anybody Want to Celebrate the Prop 8 Ruling By Marrying Bryan Safi?

Wednesday’s Prop 8 ruling meant rallies across America. In West Hollywood, California, where homosexuals are bred to raise other homosexuals, That’s Gay‘s Bryan Safi headed to the festivities to find some ass reactions. It appears he found … a fan.

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  • MMDD

    I love Bryan Safi and would marry him in a New York minute. Note to his boyfriend, Ben: Don’t wait too long!

  • Ian

    @MMDD: That was just what I was thinking! Hey Ben, there are plenty of guys in line who want to date Bryan, so don’t wait TOO long before popping “THE” question :)

  • James Davis

    This was adorable

  • Qjersey

    He should have his own weekly half hour show, hell daily.

  • cici

    marry him? YES YES YES…. I would bang him like drum first ;)

  • Jeremy

    “I think you probably should be the one to ask!” Oh Ben you have no idea how you just upset millions(?) gays who will absolutely die for Prince Bryan. Lucky bastard!

  • Sceth

    Bryan’s voice change for “Can we cut?” is crushing.

  • Robb

    This guy is ADORABLE !
    And to think I was completely unaware of his existance !
    Thank you Queerty.

  • robert

    No-one is going to put a word in for the cowboy?

  • MMDD

    @robert: Sure, I will. He’s definitely hot, but I’d still take Bryan! ;-)

  • Ian

    @Sceth: Bryan was joking at the end, but it was sad as to me at any rate there was no hiding just a hint of hurt you could see in his eyes in the last three seconds. (awwww) :(

  • Samwise

    I’ll fight Ben for him. I bet I could take him.

  • Arkano18

    I’d marry Bryan now!

  • tyler

    Love it but lose the hoodie, get a dress shirt w tie, nice!!

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