Domestic Disturbance In Miami Leaves One Woman Dead, Girlfriend With Stab Wounds

Police in Miami aren’t sure who started a violent episode between a lesbian couple Tuesday morning that resulted in one woman’s death and another’s grievous wounding.

According to Channel 10, the two women were domestic partners in the process of ending their relationship when things turned ugly, as Maria Linares, 48, pulled a gun and her girlfriend picked up a knife.

When police arrived, the unnamed girlfriend was dead on the scene from a bullet wound. Linares was flown to Kendall Regional Medical Center with stab wounds and was listed in critical but stable condition.

The National Coalition of Anti-Violent Programs reports a 38% increase in reports of LGBT intimate-partner violence in 2010, as well as an increase in the severity of violence acts.

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  • Spike

    I wonder if this falls under the Stand Your Ground law, naw, probably just lesbians being lesbians.

    Gays in love fuck on the balcony of cruise ships, lesbians in love pull guns and stab each other.

  • Belize

    Oh no! A report of violence… involving women!

    JayKay, wait! Don’t post anything yet. There is no need. Let me do the posting for you. I wouldn’t want you to leave the “mashed tatters” you’re cooking for your beard and your 32 “darn kids” just because of your desire to express your primitive gender views.

    Here. As someone who has come to feel for you, let me try and take your place:

    “Women should be domestic partners in the first place. How ever will they fix the appliances when they get broken? And what about the dead animal rug that every good ol’ American house should have? What if they menstruate on it! Damn vaginas! No wonder I’m gay.”

    There. Know that this, JayKay, is a sign of my love.

  • Shannon1981

    @Spike: Please don’t stereotype us. We are not all like that.

  • MikeE

    @Shannon1981: sadly it only takes one person to do something stupid for the Spikes of this world to turn on the rest of us and accuse us of every possible offense.

  • Shannon1981

    @MikeE: True. I hate the stereotypes about violent, man hating lesbians the most, though. I am personally nowhere close to either.

  • Spike

    @Shannon1981: Sarcasm honey. BTW, did you not see the
    wide open door as it pertains to stereotypes and gays fucking on cruise ship balconies?
    Couldn’t have been more obvious. BTW, if was I was going for the stereotype, wouldn’t
    I have mentioned U-Hauls? Again, sarcasm.

  • Frederick

    @ Shannon 1981-I am so sorry some of these motherf_ _kers are such idiots. Because of this one tragic incident, which isn’t the least bit funny, certain a_ _holes think it’s comical to make jokes at the entire lesbian community’s expense under the guise of “sarcasm”.

  • Spike

    @Frederick: Really? Tragic? Who exactly is the innocent party. One person pulled a gun on the other and their response was to stab that person.

    I don’t consider domestic violence tragic, I consider it criminal. Oh, and your need to call me a motherfucker and an asshole is noted. Feel better now?

  • 13Zeroither

    please don’t flame anymore, okay?

  • anonymous

    You people disgust me. Get over yourselves and learn to accept everyone for who they are. Just because someone is not “straight” does not mean they are not normal. I knew these individuals and they are wonderful people, probably a lot happier and real then you ignorant jerks who have nothing better to do then laugh at other peoples really unfortunate incidences.

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