Dozens Of Gay And Lesbian Couples “Marry” In Ceremony In Sao Paolo

Priscilla Pires da Silva and Kathrein Marrichi Martin

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, 47 gay and lesbian couples participated in a mass commitment ceremony last weekend. Though same-sex marriage isn’t legal in the country yet, “stable unions”—similar to domestic partnerships—have been recognized since 2011.

The event, which included 32 lesbian couples and 15 gay-male couples, was organized by the local government to promote such unions. Yep, they actually used the word promote in conjunction with homosexuality—and nobody pulled their hair out.

According to On Top, in recent months several individual couples have successfully petitioned the courts to convert their unions into fully recognized marriages, though it’s not clear if that would set a precedent nationwide.

Priscilla Pires da Silva, 24, who married her partner Kathrein Marrichi Martin, 31, said “I always knew from an early age that I was gay, but people don’t accept it. So when love appears, there are no words to explain it. I’m very happy.”

What’s Portuguese for “Many happy returns”?

Photo: G1