Edwards Animated About Potential “Don’t Ask” Repeal

In light of Marty Meehan‘s bid to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Presidential hopeful John Edwards released a statement to ensure the masses know exactly where he stands on the issue.

It is long past time to end the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy and to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military. It is critical to our national security that we have the best people in our military. Gay men and women have continually served our country with honor and bravery, and we should honor their commitment and never turn away anyone who is willing to serve their country because of their sexual orientation.

This is an issue of fundamental fairness – and our military ought to treat everyone fairly.

Well, unless they’re sitting on oil reserves and/or may or may not have WMDs in which case they’re fair game. Until the inevitable, yet just as honorable apology, of course.

(Thanks to Mr. Lane Hudson.)