Clinton To Take Down Insurance Companies

Edwards Goes After AIDS

Democratic presidential contender John Edwards unveiled his comprehensive HIV/AIDS attack plan. A taste:

The CDC has identified the three most reliable ways to prevent HIV/AIDS infections. Yet the Bush administration focuses on only one of them – abstinence. As president, Edwards will promotes all reliable prevention strategies, including comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education to ensure young people learn all the facts about preventing HIV/AIDS and harm-reduction programs that provide high-risk individuals with access to clean syringes. He will lift the ban on federal funding for needle exchange initiatives. In addition, Edwards will support community and public education that encourages testing.

Edwards vows to strengthen research and cancel bilateral international debts so struggling nations can focus on health care.

Also, in the rare case you haven’t heard, Hillary Clinton unveiled her new system. Listen to this: “…insurance companies will end discrimination based on pre-existing conditions or expectations of illness.” Such pre-election optimism!