Writer Says, "Fuck Yeah!"

Ellen D. A Meanie?

Ellen Degeneres had only good things to say about her striking writers the other day, but her writers don’t have anything nice to say about her. Page Six reports that Ms. D has a reputation for being an abusive tyrant:

On SurgicalStrikes.com, one former, unidentified, writer for her 2001-02 sitcom, The Ellen Show, reports she treated her writers “like [bleep].”

“We’d watch her in rehearsals, smiling and winning us over with her charm and comic timing. Then the director would yell cut, her face would fall, and she’d level a glare at the writers. ‘Why do you keep writing these unfunny jokes?’ she’d hiss.

“Ellen frequently eviscerated the head writer and . . . boasted of the changes she’d make in season two, starting with his firing.” But, the blogger continues facetiously, the axed writer “was a hack anyway – all he did after leaving was create Arrested Development and win two Emmys for writing, another for Best Comedy.”

The vengeful blogger also suggests that Degeneres continues churning out her talk show because she’s afraid a strike could end her career. That, of course, is bullshit. It’s because she likes the attention. And money.