Ellen Tops Out‘s Power List

The time is upon us once again for the second time: Out magazine’s annual Power Issue. While we didn’t make the cut of the 50 most powerful homos, funny lesbian Ellen DeGeneres did – and, in fact, takes the cake, beating out the likes of Joe Solmonese, editor Adam Moss and fallen queen of the lesbians, Rosie O’Donnell.

Also in this issue, Michael Musto offers a follow-up to last year’s The Glass Closet, which called out people like Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper for not coming out. This year’s essay, Shattered Glass, examines the parameters of coming out. Sure, Jodie Foster intimated at her lesbianic ways, but does it matter if she’s not willing to talk to the fag rags.

It’s the eternal question: If a gay comes out, but doesn’t follow up, does anything change?