Elton John Speaks


Sometimes we like to imagine that Elton John watches over us like some wise fairy godfather. Is that weird? Probably.

Anyway, it seems his attention’s focused on newly liberated (and hopefully sober) Whitney Houston and Clay Aiken (who, we must say, garners a astonishingly high amount of comments. Don’t you care about science and politics?).

On the first part of a two part interview on Access Hollywood, the first name in news, Mr. John offers his thoughts on the stars and their respective woes. Of Houston, John says:

Bobby’s not good for her, and because of the addiction thing, she keeps going back. The writing was on the wall many, many years ago with that one.


As for Aiken – well, since you like him so much, why don’t you follow the link and find out?

The first segment of John’s interview airs Friday. Mark you calendars.