Elton John Was Perfectly Pleasant to Rush Limbaugh (As His Paid Token Gay)

I’ll be the last person to suggest The View is the proper format for informed discussion about topical and social issues. And not just because Elisabeth Hasselbeck works there. But those gals are entitled to their opinions, just as Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host who attended Rush Limbaugh’s fourth wedding, is. But just because Kelly was a guest at Limbaugh’s fourth traditional nuptials, does that make her position on the issue of Elton support a homophobe any more relevant?

Not really, because the facts are facts. And while it’s great to hear Elton and Rush got along (and he even invited the newlywed to his London home!), what else would you expect when someone accepts a $1 million offer to perform?

Instead, this little thing remains: Elton has, over many decades, purposefully shaped his public image into that of a LGBT and AIDS advocate, and then he goes ahead and personally profits from a man who’s built a career on pushing prejudice, hate, and misinformation. The very things Elton claims he’s fighting against.

It’s one thing to be friends with someone who has a difference of opinion. It’s an entirely other thing to knowingly enter into a business and personal relationship with someone whose day job amounts to wishing ill against your community.

Is It So Terrible That Elton John Made $1 Million Performing for Rush Limbaugh?

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  • s_b

    Every last penny of hat million dollars had better go to gay organizations, or fuck Elton John.


    Ok now that I have taken in all of Ronnie Kroell’s full view……

    Here is my take on Elton “Uncle Tom” John. He is either an ignorant fool or a greedy selfish bastard. I am sorry he has done good for the community with his fund raising for AIDS. But not much of that actually has come out of his own pocket. He did in fact take cash for his own pocket from one of the most dangerous men in America in his ability to do harm to the Gay community…….It is amazing what kind of a hold Rush Windbag has on his listeners. He has a hypnotic hold on these milllions of his listeners. They subscribe to his newsletter which is basically a rehash of the same vile crap he spews in front of his microphone for three hours each day. Persons take what he says as gospel. He has consistently spewed lies and made statements which harm our community. All the while there are rumors swirling about his own sexuality and proclivity for hiring thin Hispanic rentboys on his “paradise getaways”. I am sure Windbag’s new wife requested John perform. To appease this hateful bastard and make him look like a hero to his wife, John performed nothing but an Uncle Tom act…………

  • Herbert Wassinger

    he is just a fat and bald bitter old queen. GROSS!

  • ewe

    It’s all theatre. Rush Limbaugh would be carted out on a golden cow to tell his drones to stop if ever things got out of hand and that is because there are only a few who control the many. Elton John, Rush Limbaugh and all the rest of us are the many. Think of it as the Fat convention if it makes any of you feel better.

  • ewe

    Question: Who did the hateful homophobe of great proportion have to supply the melody at his WEDDING???
    Answer: AN OPENLY GAY MAN.
    Result. Case closed. Proven… Limbaugh is an asshole that is bottom feeder for cash.

  • Bill



    Unfortunately, Elton John seems to have believed all of the shit straight people taught him about himself.

    He’s a gay relic from another time. And apparently his personal dignity is worth only 1 million dollars to him.

  • Revemupman

    Money is money, Idc what anyone says. If KKK wanted me to perform for there ceremony I’ll be the only black guy performing for a million bucks. LMFAO

  • Bob

    Boycott Elton John CDs and concerts. Hit him in his pocketbook to punish him for this!

  • Revemupman

    You sure you can destroy a damn near 50 year career Elton John’s built? LMFAO Elton’s good till he dies none of our opinions count.

  • Henry Holland

    This is just Eminem Part 2. I’ll wait to hear what Sir Elton has to say before I get the pitchfork and torch ready.

  • John (CA)

    This isn’t terribly surprising.

    The British elite has always operated in a “parallel universe” of sorts. You’d be surprised at the number of openly gay Old Etonians, Oxford alumni, and such who are good friends with Arab princes from countries that persecute homosexuals. And when confronted with such inconvenient truths, they will either feign ignorance or find elaborate excuses for their behavior.

    While Sir Elton wasn’t born into the aristocracy, he has certainly cozied to them in a manner that other celebrities have not. Indeed, he has developed a reputation as a bit of sycophant.

  • christopher di spirito

    Elton needs to announce 100% of Rush’s $1 million dollar fee is going to Ryan White Fund.

    Of course, I realize most of it will probably go to some fabulous renovation on Elton and David’s Surrey estate but if “the Rocket Man” wants to recover from this appalling lack of judgment, he needs to act quickly.

  • Aaron

    @Bill: I never liked the late comedian Sam Kinnison but he did make me laugh with his opinion of Elton John, which was as follows : “…bald-headed, gap-toothed disco dinosaur from the 70’s” :)

  • asa1973

    I have a feeling Elton John is going to donate every cent of that $1 million to a pro-LGBT or AIDS charity as a huge Fuck You to Rush L. That’s his style. And if he does that, I’ll respect him even more. Making the homophobes indirectly financially support the very causes they oppose? Brilliant. Please, Elton, let it be so…

  • Bill


    Even if the cost was damage to YOUR spirit and to the spirits of millions of African Americans?

  • B

    No. 8 · Revemupman wrote, “Money is money, Idc what anyone says. If KKK wanted me to perform for there ceremony I’ll be the only black guy performing for a million bucks. LMFAO”

    … and with 1 million less in their bank account, that means they wouldn’t be able to cause as much trouble. At one point, they hired a famous photographer to take some pictures of one of their rallies, and the outcome was very funny. In order to preserve some details in the sheets they wore, their faces came out kind of dark! He sent them a note explaining the problem, but was probably laughing at the result as well and of course published the picture.

  • Hipp

    Bad decision on Elton’s part, I believe. He made a lot of money for his charity but there has to be a line that you don’t cross somewhere. Put on a one night exclusive concert of rich fags in NYC or LA at 10K a ticket and boom there’s your million w/out having to have that fat bastard’s cash in your hands.

  • Lefty

    i wonder if homophobes who follow this rush dude are as angry as we are :/

  • B

    No. 15 · Bill wrote, “@Revemupman: Even if the cost was damage to YOUR spirit and to the spirits of millions of African Americans?”

    One thing people aren’t asking: if the KKK hired a talented black singer, paying him a million bucks for a single performance, what message would that send to the other KKKers about their beliefs of racial superiority given that most people in the KKK probably get close to minimum wage?

    Rush is going to have a lot of trouble claiming any sort of superiority to gays after having paid one a million bucks for a single performance. If he starts spouting any homophobic nonesense, you just point to his wedding and how much he shelled out to hire a single gay guy.

  • Lefty


    excellent point :)

  • A Akin

    Rush is GAY. He is not str8. He is a bottom. He likes Black guys/tops from the Caribbean and the hood. He goes to gay clubs all the time.

  • A Akin

    @A Akin: Rush was arrested in Pittsburgh, PA for gay public sex.

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