Elton John Was Perfectly Pleasant to Rush Limbaugh (As His Paid Token Gay)

I’ll be the last person to suggest The View is the proper format for informed discussion about topical and social issues. And not just because Elisabeth Hasselbeck works there. But those gals are entitled to their opinions, just as Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host who attended Rush Limbaugh‘s fourth wedding, is. But just because Kelly was a guest at Limbaugh’s fourth traditional nuptials, does that make her position on the issue of Elton support a homophobe any more relevant?

Not really, because the facts are facts. And while it’s great to hear Elton and Rush got along (and he even invited the newlywed to his London home!), what else would you expect when someone accepts a $1 million offer to perform?

Instead, this little thing remains: Elton has, over many decades, purposefully shaped his public image into that of a LGBT and AIDS advocate, and then he goes ahead and personally profits from a man who’s built a career on pushing prejudice, hate, and misinformation. The very things Elton claims he’s fighting against.

It’s one thing to be friends with someone who has a difference of opinion. It’s an entirely other thing to knowingly enter into a business and personal relationship with someone whose day job amounts to wishing ill against your community.

Is It So Terrible That Elton John Made $1 Million Performing for Rush Limbaugh?