ENDA Becomes a Post-November Elections Matter, If Even That

On August 9 the U.S. Senate will go on recess. Until that point, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office, it will take up nine issues of importance. None of them are named “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

Instead, Democrats met with Obama to decide they’d move the Defense Department’s budget bill (which includes that crappy way to repeal DADT) and Elena Kagan’s nomination. And in the very immediate (read: next two weeks) they’re going to tackle Wall Street reform, energy policies, and unemployment benefits — a calculated move to drum up support for November’s elections.

And when senators return on Sept. 13? Don’t expect a big move on ENDA then, either. By most accounts nothing substantial will get done between their return from recess and figuring out whether their friends will serve another term.