Evangelists Are Going To Get Cross

Jesus has gotten married to a man! You read right; the charismatic presenter of Spanish TV’s Operacion Triunfo Jesus Vazquez has married his partner of five years standing, Roberto Cortes. What a difference a country makes; in Texas, Bushie bigots make a mockery of the idea that all men are created equal, while in Spain, American ideals of freedom and civil liberties are upheld.


Dressed in tight designer jeans, white shirts and black velvet jackets (as recommended a short time ago on Queerty), the happy couple were joined in a civil ceremony in the town hall of downtown Madrid. Trinidad Jimenez, who officiated the ceremony, said: “Roberto was crying the whole time while Jesus was holding back tears.” Spanish politician Pedro Zerolo, a friend of Jesus and Roberto, said that the wedding was “A declaration of love.”

Jesus first came out to the public in 2000 in the Spanish magazine Zero. Even if you don’t know what the word culo means, you might enjoy having a look at the magazine’s current cover. Queerty can’t even imagine how much foaming at the mouth is going to take place when American Evangelists learn that Jesus has entered into a committed, intimate relationship with another human being with a penis.

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