Exit Polls: Majority Of Latino Voters Support Gay Marriage

Preliminary exit polls show that Latino voters were more likely than others to support same-sex marriage.

ABC News reports:

Nearly six-in-ten Latino voters (59%) said their state should legally recognize same-sex marriage while 32% said their state should not.  But among all voters, about half (48%) favored legalization of gay marriage while nearly the same share said they would oppose it (47%).

Non-Hispanic whites were the most opposed to states legally sanctioning same-sex marriage (47% favored but 50% were opposed). Among blacks, half (52%) would support while 40% opposed state support for gay unions.

A previous poll by NBC Latino reported that 60% of Latinos supported marriage equality, while other exit polls indicate that the Republican Party has lost touch with the Latino community….and you know, everyone else.

Early and unconfirmed exit poll data show President Barack Obama garnered  71% of the Hispanic vote, while  Romney bought earned 27%.

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  • Cam

    And let me guess, some troll from NOM will come in here pretending to be Hispanic and say horrible things about gays so they can lie and try to make gays think that it’s the “Other” groups that hate us.

  • ChiChi Man

    Or some other troll will appear and say that Blacks hate gays when the exit polls illustrate something else.

  • ryanthehulk

    Now my thing for Latin guys makes sense…

    In all seriousness this is a piece of crazy good news because Hispanics are growing faster than any other ethnic group. This has the prospect of tipping red electoral strong hold Texas blue.

  • brent

    So in four short years hispanics and blacks have reversed themselves on gay marriage. The poll doesn’t ask why, and how deep this new conviction is.It seems that the real difference is age. Younger people voted for it, older people did not. Another part of the polling that this article for some reason did not mention, is that young republicans were more in favor than older republicans.

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