Finally, Queer Prom Royalty That We’ll Gladly Bow Down To

Yes, yes not too long ago we asked, “Can We Stop It With The Gay Male Prom Queens Already?” But that was when a bunch of gay boys were stealing tiaras from their female classmates. But now that we’ve met Andii Viveros, McFatter Technical High School’s 17-year-old transgender prom queen (the second ever trans prom queen in the entire galaxy) we’re ready to bow down to Her Majesty. And only partially because she has an It Gets Better video and her own queer youth outreach page on Facebook.

The first trans prom queen was actually Crystal Vera of Fresno, California—a young woman who won by a 5-to-1 margin at her 500-student arts magnet high school.

The rich part is that Viveros nominated herself (talk about a queen) and decided to see her nomination through even after receiving a bunch of vicious online messages and phone calls for doing so:

Andii reported the bullying to the school principal, who tracked down every person who had harassed her and disciplined them, telling Andii not to back down…

The oldest of four siblings, Viveros also has the support of her parents. “I’ve always loved him unconditionally,” said her father, Oscar, a supervisor at a Fort Lauderdale garbage collection company, who paid for Andii’s prom gown and still uses male pronouns when referring to her. “I’ve made sure in our house he’s free to act and do whatever makes him comfortable.”

For the honor of prom king, McFatter students chose Juan Macias, a 17-year-old gay male senior.

Humble beginnings, overcoming adversity, worldwide recognition and now reaching out to queer youth? Viveros really deserves the title for showing us what true royalty acts like; crown or no.

Side note: What is it about magnets that attract trans prom queens anyway?