Former Manager Threatens To Sue The Abbey For Stealing His Elizabeth Taylor Portrait

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.51.22 AMThat beautiful portrait of Elizabeth Taylor you’ve admired through beer goggles at The Abbey for years is causing quite the stir these days.

TMZ has learned that the iconic West Hollywood gay bar is being threatened with a lawsuit if they don’t return the tourist-attracting portrait to its rightful owner.

The WeHo fixture has been accused of hiring rapists and heterophobes in the past, but never thieves!

Former VIP manager Jesse Davis claims Taylor gifted the portrait to him in 2009, and he allowed The Abbey to display it until he left in 2011.

The portrait of the late gay icon still hangs in the Abbey to this day because the bar owners refuse to give it back to him. Davis tells TMZ he’ll file suit if he doesn’t get it back soon.

Shots fired!


Images via TMZ