Gavin Newsom’s Morning Marriage Whirlwind Tour

ba_newsom01Super sexy straight boy San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is spending the morning hitting up radio shows and morning TV programs. Here he is on CNN questioning California’s stupid ballot initiative system. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe , Newsom gave everyone a brief course in the difference between an amendment and a revision. All of the media fun is to make the case as to why Proposition 8 ought to be repealed by the California Supreme Court. Both Newsom and AG Jerry Brown are twittering today’s hearing and just coincidentally, they’re both likely candidates for Governor in 2010. Still, when was the last time you saw politicians pander to marriage equality advocates? Keep it up!

On NPR this morning, Newsom said one of the reasons Prop. 8 passed was that “we ran a lousy campaign. I’ll be candid about that.” Asked if he won the Governorship he’d use his authority to enact gay marriage, Newsom essentially said that he wouldn’t let his “political future get in the way” and that while people might disagree with them, they’ll know where he stands. He then goes on to say that “all the great leaders of the world have done jail time. They had moral authority…”, which would be a great line if Newsom were running for Governor in the universe where Escape From L.A. were a reality.

Listen to the whole interview here.