Gay Cop Puts Flat Foot Down

patch NJ

After a Pennsylvania gay cop came out to a friend on the force, his life went to shit. According to his harassment claim with the department, Michael Kurz alleges that he was the subject of degrading homophobic taunts, and, in one case, not being provided back-up during a potentially dangerous call.

“I don’t believe I should have to quit a job I love because a few people have harassed me,” said Kurz, a soft-spoken man who sports a crew cut. “It is the township’s job to correct it.”

He said that about 90 percent of the police force supports him. Some officers have invited him to bring dates to their weddings and christenings, he said.

It’s nice to know the guy has some serious support on the local police force. He had to deal with crap like this:

Once, Kurz remembered, when an instructor advised officers to use towelettes to avoid AIDS, a police corporal shouted: “Hey Mikey, these are for professional use only!”

Har-Har Jackass! We have to commend Kurz because we know if someone pulled that crap with us and we had a gun, someone would get bitchslapped.

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