Jai Aiken's Fate In Ray Kelly's Hands

Gay Cop To Lose Pension?

New York copper Jai Aiken’s post-force life just took a turn for the worst. An NYPD judge has ruled that Aiken, who lost his job for buying stolen guns from an undercover cop, should not receive the pension promised after his acquittal. Aiken claims that the NYPD used duplicitous tactics to ensnare him on trumped up gun running charges. And the NYPD kinda, sorta agrees:

During a two-day IAB trial this fall, NYPD brass testified the sting was the first time in memory an undercover posed as a potential lover to lure a cop into crime. They conceded spending more than 5,000 man hours to nail Aiken… After a nine-month probe, Bailey conceded the more serious charges were unsubstantiated.

So, the undercover was dispatched on Aug. 3, 2005 to a popular gay cruising spot in Harlem, where he met Aiken. “Every conversation we had, he talked about sex. I would redirect to guns and drugs. I let him believe I might have sex,” he said.

The cock talk got coppers what they wanted: the alleged criminial Aiken bought a stolen iPod from the lover. And, as you’ve probably guessed, found himself in the investigative hot seat. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly must now decide whether to give Aiken his pension or kick him to the curb. It seems to us, however, that Aiken’s “crimes” are far less than those perpetrated by other police – like shooting unarmed black kids – so he deserves a little coinage.