Gay Lovin’ Required Of Muslims Immigrants

Gay Muslim refugees seeking asylum in The Netherlands must watch a video of two guys making out, as part of a test to see if they are really gay.

Men Kissing 1The test was created partially because of an incident a few weeks ago: a group of Iranians, claiming to be gay, fled to The Netherlands and applied for political asylum from the Iranian government. Gay Iranians are regularly executed for crimes against Islamic law. (And they do it, FYI. Really.)

The Dutch immigration minister wanted to send them back, and not become involved in volatile Middle Eastern politics; but that would alert the Iranian goverment that the refugees were coming, and–more importantly–why they were being returned, and provide a reason for sentencing them to death.

After being humiliated by international pressure, the Dutch government came up with this way to prove asylum-seekers are not lying about the gay part of their case:

Potential immigrants to The Netherlands will be faced with a film showing two men kissing in a park, and a woman in a topless swimsuit, after Wednesday of this week.

Their reaction to the footage will be recorded and used as part of the evaluation process. Only applicants from predominantly Muslim countries such as the Middle East and Asia will have to view the film.

It’s good to know that if we wanted to seek political asylum in The Netherlands, we’d pass with flying colors. And the test would be really, really fun. We’re going to download some movies and study for our Netherlands entrance exam right now.

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