Gay Movies That Don’t Suck

By now you have read on every blog that the family-friendly Mormon DVD called Sons of Provo (from Halestorm Entertainment) was accidentally sent out from the replicator with the Wolfe title Adored: Diary of a Porn Star on it, much to the surprise of many Mormon families. Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

Brother to Brother

What many of you do not know is the Wolfe story. Founded in 1985, Wolfe is the premier distributor of gay and lesbian feature films. We urge you to forget all you preconceived notions about gay movies. They don’t all suck, Mary.

How could you not love an Italian film about a porn star who adopts a child? Or Brother to Brother, the award winning drama about the gay glory days of the Harlem Renaissance? And we cannot wait for the release of Almost Normal, the story of a 40 year old magically transported back to high school and this time around everyone is a homo. It sounds almost perfect.