Gay Sentenced For Lover Murder

Stuart Martin won’t be traveling to Spain anytime soon. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

The 29-year old British homo will spend at least fourteen years in jail after being sentenced to life for bludgeoning lover Francis Ottley to death in a fight about drugs. Martin, a heroin addict, traveled to Spain with Ottley to help the 54-year old fulfill a lifelong dream: drive around Europe in a mobile home.

Ottley’s dreams became a nightmare, however, when Martin’s addiction got the best of him. The men argued and Martin beat him to death. He then enlisted an unidentified man to help him dispose of the body, which has never been found.

Spanish police don’t have to investigate a murder without a body so Ottley’s concerned family enlisted British coppers to solve the mystery.

Apparently not the smartest man in the world, Martin told his friends that he killed Ottley: confessions that damned him during the trial. Releasing the verdict, Judge Michael Tugendhat remarked, The circumstances of the murder of Francis Ottley are horrific. He was very vulnerable…” Ottley’s sister, Mary Harris, also lamented the tragic turn of events:

These past months have been a great strain and a very sad and harrowing time for all of the family, having lost both our parents and now Francis within the space of 15 short months.

To lose Francis in such a manner before his time has been particularly distressing.

In addition to jail time, Martin will undergo drug rehabilitation. So, at least something good came out of this. If Martin stays clean, of course.