New Website Offers Collective Cyber Space

Gay Somalians Build Virtual Presence

Gay Somalians have been starving for attention. Luckily unknown numbers of closeted queers from the African nation can find some communal nourishment with a new website, Somali Gay Community.

The Project Manager of Somali Gay Community in the United Kingdom, Murad, said the site, which aims to woo Somalis the world over, is designed to bridge information drought surrounding gay affairs in a purely conservative and Muslim society like Somalia.

“The goal of the group is to create a space and a means for Somali gays and lesbians access to information, share experiences and develop support networks,” Murad told afrol News.

He said the site will serve as a guide to “our brothers and sisters confronted with their same-sex affairs”. This will enable them to overcome their difficulties.

The groundbreaking site includes looks at homosexuality and Islam, stories of Somalian culture and, of course, a poetry section.