Gay Teens Play The Courts

gay teen

Don’t mess with gay teens these days. As the LA Times reports, gay teens are using the court system in the state of California to fight homophobia more than ever before. Let’s just hope the kids get to try their cases in front of a ‘family’ friendly judge. We suggest Judge Judy.

“It’s a reflection of the students’ desire to not just not be beat up, but to actually have full equality,” said Carolyn Laub, executive director of the Gay Straight Alliance Network in San Francisco. “They want to be treated just the same” as their straight classmates.

And, like clockwork, the right-wingers have chimes in.

“They are being manipulated by the adults to push the gay agenda,” said Richard Ackerman, president of the Pro-Family Law Center in Temecula. “My kids should be going [to school] to learn math, reading, writing. It shouldn’t be an opportunity for someone else to … destroy the values I have worked so hard to instill in my children.”

Yeah. The gay girl that sues the school so she can kiss her girlfriend is ‘being manipulated?” Sounds like she just wants the same rights to be cheesy and make out by the lockers as everyone else to us.

Gay Teens Are Using the System [LA Times]