Gay Wedding Planning

Alas, we gays are allowed to legally marry in just one state (thank you, “activist judges in Massachusetts!”) So where exactly do we turn to when we want a wedding cake topper for our reception? Well, two sites: Two Grooms and Two Brides.


They sell all the gay-themed wedding products you’ll need, except for the Cher impersonator you’ll want to sing “Believe” at the country club. You can find her over here.

The sites also offer a large assortment of same-sex guest books, wedding albums, and wedding invitations. And if you’re an invited guest, you can get something more appropriate than that overly sappy generic card with “man and wife” scratched out.

Of course, these products and services aren’t just for those pinstriped suits living in the South End of Boston. Those of you that don’t live in the Bay State can still have a proper non-government sanctioned commitment ceremony. Besides, when was the last time that gift registry was an act of civil disobedience?

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