Gays Sue The Mass’es

marriage.jpegNew England’s Gay & Lesbian Advocated & Defenders, otherwise known as GLAD (not to be confused with the group that does nothing but throw parties and talk about themselves in the media, GLAAD), are suing the Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly, who approved a measure that could add an anti-gay marriage amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution.

Reilly allowed a group of Massachusetts citizens to gather signatures for a proposed anti-gay, anti-marriage constitutional amendment meant to reverse the decision in GLAD’s case Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, which was the case legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts. GLAD contends that the signature-gathering is illegal, and Reilly is apparently acting out of his own homophobic opinions:

Says Gary Buseck, GLAD’s Legal Director:

“The Attorney General simply got it wrong. Our state constitution says there can be no citizen-initiated constitutional amendment that `relates to the reversal of a judicial decision.’ This proposed anti-gay, anti-marriage amendment is meant squarely and solely to reverse the decision in Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health that ended marriage discrimination in Massachusetts.”

As Massachusetts is the only state that allows fully-recognized marriage between people of the same gender, we hope GLAD squashes Attorney General Reilly like a bug. If you’re in Massachusetts tomorrow and you have some free time, the case starts at 9:30 AM. Go root them on.

GLAD sues Mass. To Protect Gay Marriage [GLAD]