Send Matter To Europe's Leading Ministers

Gibraltar’s Gay Activist Ramp Up Consent Quest

Gibraltar’s gay sex debate continues.

Activists in the British territory have taken the government – and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown – to Europe highest human rights committee.

[Activist] Felix Alvarez said today that the question which has been tabled directs itself to the United Kingdom’s responsibility regarding the Gibraltar Government’s failure to respect human rights standards not only in regard of unequal age of consent but across criminal offences such as ‘buggery’ and ‘gross indecency’ which exclusively criminalise gay men.

“The question has been tabled by Lib-Dem MP Mike Hancock, and places British Prime Minister Gordon Brown under additional pressure to ensure the Gibraltar government complies with international law requirements,” Mr. Alvarez said. “It is now seven and a half years since the European Court ruled that age of consent inequality is in violation of the Convention. Compliance is normally required within a maximum 3 to 4 years.”

Gay folk can’t have consensual sex until they’re eighteen, while the straights can legally stick it at sixteen.