What Happens When Gays And Lesbians Swap Dating Apps?

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It turns out, there are some pretty stark differences in how gay guys and lesbians interact with potential dating partners on apps! Who knew?

First of all, “potential dating partners” on Grindr pretty much means “opportunities for sex right now,” whereas on lesbian-focused dating app Her, lesbians seem to talk and talk and talk for so long they never meet up.

Buzzfeed Yellow thought it would be a funny idea for gays and lesbians to swap apps and see what happens. Spoiler alert: the cute Asian lesbian got an actual date, the gay guy on Grindr…didn’t.

Watch below, and promise yourself to talk to at least one person in real life for every 100 box people you engage in endless conversation with on the app. For the gays in Havana, meeting up IRL seems to be working out just fine.