Happy Endings: 7th Heaven Comes To A Close…As In, Tonight, Which Means It Is Still On The Air?…

7th Heaven comes to a close tonight. The least-gay television show ever, which is also the longest-running family TV drama ever, was produced by the gayest and campiest TV producer (Aaron Spelling) ever. Ever. Except those damned re-runs. Why isn’t Jessica Biel in more projects? She is flawless and her portrayal of an over-coked society brat in Rules Of Attraction was genius. [Slate]

• Logo and Here! TV are a little happier now: Q Television has finally closed up shop. They haven’t paid their employees in months. Why were people still going to work all this time? It’s terribly upsetting to think that the four people in America who actually subscribed to Q Television will no longer be able to see The Reichen Show. Thank God we can still watch the “Perfect Body” episode on the internet! I hear Emmy chatter. [BoiFromTroy]

• Are you reading Elyse Sewell’s blog? The finalist in Season One of America’s Next Top Model is a brilliant writer, and her blog is a must-read. She just moved to Milan, after tearing up the Hong Kong modeling industry; someday when VH1 isn’t playing a Top Model marathon, scroll through past entries and see all the snapshots of her work. Who knew that Top Models could be so succesful? And that the Top Models can actually be pleasant people. Granted, she uses LiveJournal, but we all have our flaws. [ ElyseSewell]

• More Mary Cheney on The Malcontent. We just can’t get enough of that lesbian. [TheMalcontent]