Happy Endings: Britney Attempts To Act Again

• Having obviously missed her outstanding work on Crossroads, Will & Grace’s producers are giving Britney Spears a cameo this season. Let’s just be thankful she’s not bringing Kevin with her. [MSNBC]

• In case you missed Dubya’s State of the Union speech last night, he did manage to pander to the conservatives by throwing in some anti-gay sentiments: “(Americans) are concerned about unethical conduct by public officials, and discouraged by activist courts that try to redefine marriage.” [365 Gay]

• A hit gay film that’s not Brokeback Mountain? Korea’s got their own. [Bloomberg]

Britney Spears

Gay Talk, the BBC’s last gay radio show, will soon be forever silenced. [Gay.com UK]

Kate Moss and Boy George have much in common: A shared English heritage, celebrity, a love for nose candy, and a strong likelihood they’ll both get off easy for their crimes. [AP via Yahoo] [Evening Standard]

• We know you’re going to go out dancing this weekend anyway, but LA area queens have the chance to rip off their shirts, boogey down for a good cause, and then drive their tired gay ass home in a new Scion. [iDance]