Happy Endings: Love Will Never Do (Without Child)

Janet Jackson denies she popped out a daughter 18 years ago. Sounds like she’s following the Michael Jackson school of thought: Deny! Deny! Deny!

• Boston wants to spend $100,000 to attract more gays and lesbian travelers. What a waste of money. We can’t think of a better promotional campaign than being the capital of the only state with legalized same-sex marriage.


Henry Rollins claims he isn’t gay. Yet in the same interview he raves about the homo-heavy flick Capote. He also loved Flightplan, In Her Shoes, and, like us, is just peeing his pants in anticipation of Brokeback Mountain.

• And speaking of Capote, it’s been nominated, along with Brokeback, for Best Feature in this year’s IFP’s Gotham Awards. Good going, fellas.

• In attempting to ban gay marriage in Texas, Republicans have worded the law so it could potentially ban all types of marriage. Hmm, this sounds familiar. (Fourth item)