Happy Endings: More Gay Movie Roles

Jude Law

Jude Law is playing gay onscreen. Again. We’re crossing our fingers that one day he’ll see the light and convert to our side offscreen. [Pink News]

Stephen King’s new novel Cell is supposed to be his first book with a gay hero. But we’ve always had our suspicions about the namesake in Carrie. That is if you consider a telekinetic murderess a hero. [After Elton]

• RIP queer Curious George collaborator Alan Shalleck who was found murdered in his trailer. [Miami Herald]

Al Reynolds sings show tunes to Star Jones. No surprise there. [Gawker]

• Zulkey chats with drag king/lesbian/author Norah Vincent (whose book is most definitely on Al Reynolds’ nightstand) about what were the most difficult things about acting masculine. [Zulkey]