Happy Endings: Terrorist Jokes Are So Passé

• Broadway star Denis O’Hare’s partner was arrested for making a terrorist joke at an airport. We now know he isn’t the funny one in the relationship. Terrorism jokes are so 2001.

• No doubt timed to prove his heterosexuality if his role in Brokeback Mountain is a tad bit too convincing, Heath Ledger becomes a dad.


• No stranger to homoeroticism (Top Gun, Batman Forever), Val Kilmer was the one who suggested he tongue Robert Downey Jr. in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

The Chocolate Show comes to New York November 10. It’s an entire weekend devoted to the second favorite thing we love to put in our mouths.

• At first we thought 50 Cent disagreeing with Kanye West over Bush implied one of them was coming out. Alas, it was actually just evidence that American political discourse has reached a new low.

• He’s no Harriet Miers (in more ways than one. We so miss the mascara), but Judge Alito might turn out to be homo-friendly. Stress might.

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