Happy Endings: The Day Mike Jones Put Ted Haggard’s Old Cum Sponge On eBay

• Thats right folks! You can own a piece of history – hooker-turned-activist Mike Jones is auctioning off his old massage table. And, no, he’s not keeping the money – it’s going to charity. The current asking price’s $500. Someone out there must be willing to top that…get it? [eBay]

• We wanted to post the music video for M’s New Wave classic, “Pop Muzik”, but some schmuck disabled its embedding code. So you’re just going to have to watch it the new fashioned way. [YouTube]

• Speaking of YouTube – Turkey lifted its silly ban. [The Age]

GLAAD has officially entered the war against Ann Coulter, but have the tides already turned? [San Francisco Chronicle]

Patrick Letellier may not like running, but that didn’t stop him from trotting along to fight AIDS. [MSNBC]

• Anglican priest Shawn Sanford Beck may have lost his job for supporting gay-marriage, but he’s not about to change his mind. Well, done, Beck. Sorry about the job thing, though. Think about it this way – you’re a total martyr. [Winnipeg Sun]

• Fuck! We totally missed trans activist and professor Jenny Boylan‘s appearance on All My Children! [TMZ]

• Egads! A British man lost sight in one eye after a gay attack. [Gay UK]

Down-low: the myth that would not die… [Slate]

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