Happy Endings: The Day We Learned The Meaning of “Gay”

These fuckers must have been on some serious drugs. First of all, they can’t sing. Second of all, their lyrics are ridiculous (and a bit offensive). It’s shit like this that makes us long for the days of the universal closet.

Israel’s Knesset has approved two bills that could be used to ban gay pride in Jerusalem and beyond. Though not specifically targeted against gays, the bills take on public events that could incite violence. The news come just days after J’Lem coppers approved this year’s gay pride. Will Knesset enact the law and ruin the fun? Stay tuned…

• Meanwhile, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism insists they’re not courting queers, but it sure sounds like they’re cruising them.

• A Guide To Recognizing Your Celebrated Sissies.

• Can someone tell us if this is a man or a woman singing about Ms. Cleo?

• Crazy Christian to Jack E. Jett, who apparently said something she didn’t agree with:

Your huffing, puffing, stomping and snorting everytime someone touches that sore place in you, wont stop people from telling the truth! If you don’t want to be hit everytime someone hurls that truth in your general vacinity, accept the truth and change! Close the door on that trashed out rectum of your’s and repent! I know that the only reason that you refuse to change is because you don’t have a desire to change!

And it only gets worse, which, of course, means that it gets better.

• A batch of HIV combating drug Viracept has been recalled after tests revealed higher-than-normal quantities of methane sulfonic acid ethyl ester, which causes cancer. Not something you want when you have HIV. Or at all…

• New York politics just got a little more queer: Micah Kellner, an avowed bisexual, just landed a seat on the state assembly.