Hate Mail


In what will be a regular series where we post hate mail directed our way, we show you this lovely email we received yesterday. Feel free to contact Mark directly if you choose.

December 14, 2005

To everyone that will listen

Re: Brokeback Mountain

I haven’t seen this movie, nor do I intend to. I’m not a bible beater or a preacher. I believe in God and His book. I am sick and tired of having gay & lesbian lifestyles thrown in my face every time I turn around. For Hollywood to embrace this sin and in some way glorify it with this storyline is a disgrace.

Now I’ve heard that this movie could win awards. That’s insane!!!! Who are the idiots that believe this warrants our attention much less an award. Please boycott this trash in our theaters.

Americans need to start speaking out about this kind of crap in our culture. Gay and lesbian lifestyles are not alternative…they are unacceptable. Don’t take my word for it, read His book. Pay attention to what it says. Someday, there will be a test.

Send this note out to everyone you know. Get the word out. Feel free to tell everyone that I started it. If you have a comment, let me know. I can be reached at markbess@directionmortgage.com It’s time for this kind of so-called entertainment to cease.

We’re just doing what you ask and sending this note to everyone we know.