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HEADLINES: Prejean’s Fake Boobs, Trans Lawsuit, Joel McHale Shirtless



MISS CALIFORNIA Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, who turned to reality TV to earn a living, is now the executive director of the Miss California USA pageant. And guess what? Unlike a certain Miss California, Moakler is pro-gay marriage! But just like Miss California, she’s using her soapbox for activism (coutesy hottie photographer Adam Bouska)! And what else does Moakler have to reveal? That the Miss California Organization paid for Prejean’s fake boobs. [E!, Access Hollywood]

JUSTICE Diane Schroer was denied a job at the Library of Congress because she alerted her would-be bosses that she was about to undergo a sex change. The Library argued they were permitted to discriminate against transgender employees.. A court disagreed, and awarded Diane, born David and a decorated Army vet, the maximum $500,000 in compensation. [Advocate]

CHILDREN Marie Osmond, who loves herself some Prop 8, has a gay daughter. [Globe via Boy Culture]


SUPER CRUSH The Soup host Joel McHale loses his shirt on TV. Do you really even care about the skit? [Groopii]

HOTZY NAZI? A Belgian show is using sexy illustrations of Hilter to advertise a new show. Clever, or offensive? [Haaretz]

REPORTERS ARE GAY Times reporter Jeff Zeleny is a big gay, which means asking President Obama about being “enchanted” was a big gay question, which means all the bigot pundits are gonna have a laugh at his expense! [Gawker]