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Hedwig And The Angry Inch Sequel Might Become TV Miniseries

HedwigBook-Still3I sort of see it like Olive Kitteridge, like a long miniseries, four to six hours. It’s still a musical; it’s very much about her. It’s kind of on indefinite hold now because of other projects, but it’s been developed a good deal. It’s darker. It’s about the second half of her life, which is the antithesis of ‘It Gets Better’ videos — for her, it gets worse. My favorite playwright is probably Samuel Beckett and; he was always laughing at the abyss. When Hedwig returns, it will definitely be about the limitation of life and how absurd that is.”

–John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and star of the current Broadway revival, discussing the future of the character in an interview with TimeOutNewYork