Here’s Why It Sucks Being The “Token Gay”

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Finding community is tough, whether you’re in a major metro area or out in the boonies. We have to be thankful for the folks who regularly show up for us, and show up for them in return.

Finding queer family is just as important. It’s great to get along with all sorts of different types, but there’s a sisterhood that comes from forging queer friendships that make life just shine brighter.

These guys on Whisper understand that, but don’t know how to make the next move.

We recommend joining a gay sports team, book club, bird watching group — anything that opens up your social circle to the possibility of forging new connection.

What have you got to lose?!


As a gay guy, I occasionally feel like an accessory when having a night out with straight female friends.

All of my friends are straight...maybe that



I hate having all straight friends because I end up falling for them. I

I can only assume having gay friends is better than having straight friends when you

Even though I

My only gay friends are my exes. This is so unacceptable to me because hanging out with straight people all the time is making me dull lol

Why do I still feel at odds with my straight friends? They all know that I

When I was young and in school I used to have a bunch of gay friends. Now I



I feel like I


I only have straight friends which is annoying because they don

All my friends are straight. I want a gay best friend. My boyfriend is great, but I want a bromance too lol

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