Historic Lesbian Mother’s Day Cards Released To Sit On Mantel And End Up In Trash

2D274905781707-hallmark-two-moms-day-md2926.blocks_desktop_smallLesbian moms may be grinning a litter wider than usual when they pop open their Mother’s Day cards this Sunday.

Hallmark has rolled out two cards targeted directly at same-sex mamas, a first in the 100-year-old holiday’s rich cultural tradition of guilting us all into dishing out for cards and flowers.

Because nothing says “I love you” like browsing the supermarket aisle and selecting the canned message that perfectly targets your mom. Making things is overrated.

Still, it’s an encouraging sign of the times that lesbian motherhood has become so mainstream that marketing execs decide to try and squeeze a penny or two out of it.

There are two angles — one that a child would give to moms 1 & 2 (the card pictured right concludes with “How does anyone ever get by with just one?”), and one a woman would give to her partner.

Brandon Ruiz, lead analyst at IBISWorld has this unbelievably dry take on the situation:

“From a business perspective, if children of same-sex parents buy just one card instead of two, that could inflict more pain on the already struggling greeting card industry.”

Though he does admit that the upside for Hallmark is:

“They’re being more specific and they’re trying to cast a wider net, so to speak.”

That’s some shrewd analysis.

We’ll keep an eye out for the upcoming gay divorce condolence cards.