Dear Obama

HOLY CRAP: Religious Conservatives More Supportive of Military Gays Than Ever Before


Americans as a whole “are six percentage points more likely than they were four years ago to favor allowing openly gay men and lesbian women to serve in the military, 69% to 63%.” But that’s not the really good news: Gallup reveals “the biggest increase in support has been among conservatives and weekly churchgoers — up 12 and 11 percentage points, respectively.”

Sure, it’s those crazy liberals who most want to see Don’t Ask Don’t tell disappear, but some important revelations: “First, the data show that these traditionally conservative groups are shifting on this issue, supporting it to a far greater extent than they support legalized gay marriage. Second, it suggests the political playing field may be softer on this issue, and President Barack Obama will be well-positioned to forge ahead with his campaign promise to end the military ban on openly gay service members with some support from more conservative segments of the population. […] In particular, the more conservative segments of the population who could be expected to be most resistant to such a policy change have shifted in favor of repealing the existing ban, to the extent that majority support now spans all segments of the population.”

Maybe the Human Rights Campaign didn’t get this data?