How Much Is Too Much To Share With An Online Hookup?

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.53.16 PMIn today’s world of interconnectedness, it can sometimes be a challenge to navigate socially — especially with people you’ve just met.

Do you tell them you’ve seen their Instagram? Ask how their vacation was if you’ve seen the album on Facebook? Use your intel wisely and you’ll win anyone over, but go too far and risk looking like a major creep.

And when it comes to semi-anonymous hookups, showing your entire deck at the beginning of the game can certainly make things awkward.

That’s just one of many topics broached in Queer as Folk creator Russell T. Davies’ new series Banana and Cucumber, both of which will begin airing on Logo on April 13th after Drag Race.

We have high hopes for the two shows, which examine various angles of gay life — from middle-aged relationship problems (a topic often left out in youth-obsessed entertainment) to the aforementioned modern dilemma of holding back information with someone you like.

In the following clip from Banana, we see how awkward it can be:

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