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How to Succeed In Online Dating: You Don’t Have to Show Your Face, Just Your Abs

Far be it for us to advise you on what makes a good online dating profile work, because all along we thought SKIN IS IN. Actually, we are right! According to a survey of profiles from, guys who show off their abs are more likely to have their online profiles checked out. Which makes perfect logical sense: Internet users like sees navels and nipples! But what other dating profile myths abound, that need to be busted?

• That you need professionally taken photos — or that you need photos taken with a professional camera. That’s a lie; iPhone and BlackBerry pics will do just fine. They’re grittier. And make you look more honest!

• You’ve got to show your face. Actually, you don’t. Profiles with with a body shot, or snaps of your feet, generate as much interest as profiles that reveal all. Just no pets please, okay?

• That you should smile in photos. Wrong! If you’re going to include a photo of your face, smiling sends the message that you’re a happy person, when what really intrigues potential matches is your brooding, emo stare into the camera. (Bonus points for not making eye contact.)

• It’s okay to be honest about your age. HAHAHAHA. You thought that was the myth? No. The older you get, the less interest in your profile overall. So either knock a few years off your birth-aversary, or find that “smudge” tool in Photoshop and get to work on your saggy neck.

(Photo: GWIP)