Hulu Adds New LGBT Channel, Includes Classics Like Queer As Folk, Party Monster

2008 GLAAD Awards

A Change of Heart

A Marine Story

Adam and Steve

Another Gay Movie

Anyone But Me

Ballad of the Sad Café

Behind the Bar

Between Two Women



Boy Culture

Chasing Amy

Children of God

Coffee Date

Come Undone

David’s Birthday

Emporte-Moi (Set Me Free)

Endless Love

Equality U

Exes & Ohs


Farewell My Concubine

Food Fetish

For & Against


Fruit Fly

Gay Sex in the 70s



Heavenly Creatures


I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing

Is It Just Me?

It Came from Kuchar

It’s a Brad, Brad World

It’s Pat

je tu il elle



Judas Kiss

Just Josh

Latter Days

Leading Ladies

Let’s Come Out: Gay & Lesbian

Little Man


Mala Noche


Maybe… Maybe Not

My Normal

My Summer of Love

Nine Lives

Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom

Paris is Burning

Party Monster

Plan B

Pornography A Thriller


Queer as Folk

Queer Eye

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in the World


Saint of 9/11

Secret Things

Sex Monster

She’s Living for This

Tales of the City

The Big Gay Sketch Show

The Brandon Teena Story

The Crying Game

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Fish Child

The Lost Coast

The Naked Civil Servant

The One

The Times of Harvey Milk

Thintervention with Jackie Warner

This Is What Love & Action Looks Like

Training Rules

Trembling Before God

The Trip

Unhappy Birthday

Velvet Goldmine


Violet Tendencies

War Requiem

Were the World Mine

What Happens Next

Wilby Wonderful
Work Out

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  • Joseph

    I was so happy to notice the sudden spike in LGBT content, just as I was really wishing for it. Since having to fall back into the closet here in WV, I’ve been starved for gay life. Sure it’s not the same as being around other real live people, but it at least reminds me of what it used to be like to have friends and to be able to be myself.

  • Dick

    The version of Queer As Folk that Hulu is showing is the original British version and not the version that ran on Showtime(that you show a picture from). Still it’s good to know about the channel.

  • kouros

    No offense but some of your links for the hulu movies are wrong. Try children of god for a chance, it sends you to a documentary

  • Pixie

    Brad, Brad World and some of the other shows are just clips, not full episodes. :(

  • Bob

    This is awesome! I wonder if you will be able to watch Dantes Cove and The Lair, haha. I definitely want to see the British Queer as Folk. Already saw the US one and I love British accents!

  • Dirty Jock

    Rick and Steve?! Love it! No Eating Out films though?

  • Stewie

    That’s awesome to hear, especially since LOGO is apparently going to show more “mainstream” programs.

  • Dick

    @Bob, the British QAF has Charlie Hunam from Sons of Anarchy. This was before he beefed up his body and in fact played the twink character, He was 19 playing 15. @Pixie, Brad Brad World, Queer Eye and other shows that originated on Bravo are shown at Bravo’s discretion and right now they are only letting them show clips.

  • cam

    That is GREAT news. The problem so often is that gay films are made by small companies that don’t have deals with Netflix or Amazon etc… so Hulu is great!

    I realized how bad the problem was when I couldn’t find “Beautiful Thing” on Netflix OR Amazon streaming.

  • Ginasf

    This is the exact same set of films available for Netflix’s on demand.

  • Jenni Olson

    Here is the correct link for CHILDREN OF GOD:

    There are some really excellent films available and it is a very exciting advance to have an LGBT category on Hulu — by the way, YouTube Movies has also done the same thing and they have a ton of great content as well.

    Here’s a link to Wolfe Video founder Kathy Wolfe’s HuffPo piece about the work Wolfe did behind the scenes to make this happen:

  • David

    Sadly for those of us outside of the U.S. (I’m in Canada), Hulu doesn’t work. *sigh*

  • freddie

    British QAF > American QAF. By miles.

    And no Eating Out? YAY!!!!

  • Chad

    Bummer the version of QAF they included was the short-lived British one instead of the US Showtime version. All in all Hulu’s gay/lesbian channel’s selection looked rather disappointing.

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