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If Beanie Sigel Calls Kanye West a Queer Who Takes It In the Rear, Does It Make a Sound?

Beanie Sigel, the Philly-born rapper, has spent the last few years beating up on Jay-Z, who he used to be BFFs with after Jay signed him to Roc-A-Fella Records. But now Beanie is turning his attention to Kanye West, riffing on a Jay-Z single to call the flamboyant and obnoxious rapper a homo. Snap!

Revamping Jay’s song “Haters,” Beanie rhymes:

Middle finger up to Jay’eeerrr
I don’t give a f*ck about Ye’eerrr
Wanna know, I think Ye Queeer
He dress gayeeeer, I sweearr
I heard he takes it in his reeeearr
You should know by now I don’t caaarrre

Bitter! And such a far cry from when Beanie was saving Kanye from getting robbed.


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  • Lawrence

    So….whats this have to do with Kanye West?

  • Joe

    WOW!! Stop the presses!!! NEWS FLASH: Rapper makes homophobic statement. Nothing new here.

  • Tallskin

    Laugh, I Nearly shat.

    I can’t see that thuggish, Rap bling look without thinking of the wonderful Stephen Fry comment on Never Mind the Buzzocks.

    “Hippity Hoppity Brigade”


  • Black Pegasus

    Well, Kanye has proven himself to be an egomaniac whose sense of self is warped by reality. So anyone who makes fun of that Queen is ok by me.

  • jason

    Both are ugly black men. Ugly inside and out. We should take away their civil rights and put them back on cotton farms.

    I’ve had it with their homophobia and their selfish attitude to civil rights.

  • Tori

    @jason: Your a racist idiot and no better than a homophobe.

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