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If Gays Want to Date on Straight Websites, Burger King Should Serve Big Macs


Even though eHarmony launched its same-sex matchmaking site this week, there’s already plenty of backlash — from the gays, and from the competition. But lest we allow Neil Clark Warren’s psychological profiling just get trounced with criticism, allow us to highlight an opposing viewpoint: We’re overreacting.

“It’s very frustrating and it’s very humiliating to think that other people can do it and I can’t,” said Eric McKinley, the original plaintiff in New Jersey’s case against eHarmony. “And the only reason I can’t is because I’m a gay man. That’s very hurtful.”

Counters NJ.com blogger George Berkin in … “brilliant” round of debate: “Reporters dutifully wrote down his comment, but the statement is laughable. Are there really no gay dating web sites that he can participate in? Suppose, for example, that I wanted to go to a local mosque, only that I insisted that they sing evangelical Christian songs during the service? Or that I go to Burger King, and I insist that they serve Big Macs?”

He continues:

No, tolerance is letting the other fellow do his thing, in his place, and you do your thing, in yours.

Because Americans are generous and open-minded people, “tolerance” and “non-discrimination” are powerful words. But they are misused when they are used to force someone to go against his deeply-held religious beliefs, in a private business. (see here)

And it is a travesty when homosexuals use those powerful words to try to silence dissent, to destroy those who do not agree with their lifestyle. And it is an injustice when, as in this case, someone uses the power of government to force another to support economically something they are morally opposed to.

The irony, of course, is that homosexuals claim to want freedom, the freedom to practice sexual behavior that most religions teach is immoral. (In fact, of course, they have that freedom.)

And while the owner of the Pasadena, California, based web site has not spoken against gay dating, his site – which helps Christians find happiness in traditional marriage – is a testimony of sorts to traditional values.

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  • Qjersey

    This twaddle does shit for LGBT rights and social advancement.

  • Ousslander

    The plantiff is joke. Will manhunt now offer straight men n women the same access? There are plenty of sites that he can use.

  • sdandy

    Yeah, I hate to say it, but this lawsuit is pretty funny. I don’t mind going after that idiot from eHarmony, but just because he is ignorant doesn’t mean that he can’t run a business his way. Its not like he is actively campaigning or infringing on rights, or providing a critical service (like utilities or something–I know, lame example) that can’t be found elsewhere. Just go to f’ing chemistry.com or whatever the rival site is!

  • Sabine

    Jesus Christ, won’t somebody think of the bisexuals?

  • RM

    I agree with QJersey.
    How much of our resources went to fighting eHarmony, rather than Prop 8?

  • linolo88

    @Sabine: You made me smile today.

  • Vinman

    @Sabine: Me Too!

  • John Smith

    eHarmony settled this stupid lawsuit because it costs less than fighting it. New Jersey Human Rights Commission collected a $50,000 fine, which they will spend to pay salaries, etc. and seek out more “offenders.” The plaintiff was paid off with a $5,000 settlement to go away. What the lawyers on each side were paid, who knows, but it wasn’t cheap.

  • Andrew Triska

    This lawsuit spits in the face of freedom of association. Are they going to make the Klan let in blacks now? There are plenty of gay dating sites. We don’t need to force them to let us in.

  • Sean H-.

    If this guy is so interested in logic, why is he assuming that every gay person on the planet is on board with this guy’s lawsuit?

    I’m certainly not.

    I’d rather use the gay dating sites; they know us better. Do you remember the days of Yahoo personals when you’d get matched to yourself? (although for many gay men that really is the perfect match).

  • Huh

    I don’t really support the lawsuit.
    However, I think the point was that eharmony rejected gays and wouldn’t even allow them to put up a profile, use the service, etc. Manhunt, gay.com, et al. do not “reject” straights – anyone can fill out a profile and state their orientation. True, I’ve never seen a straight female on manhunt – but that’s not because they wouldn’t be allowed – they just know it wouldn’t get results. Lord knows there are plenty of “straight” men on it.
    So – the way I understand it – this was about a company denying access to a certain group – which all the gay-oriented and straight websites don’t do. They let anyone register and take a shot.

  • Almost Lawyer

    The problem is with NJ.com blogger’s argument is that this website is not a church, it is not a temple, it is not a mosque. It is a BUSINESS. And, unless I am wrong, businesses should serve anyone who comes in.

    Would Berkin support a religious right of some whites back in the 50’s to prevent blacks from shopping in their store? Who says a religion can not be based on the belief in racism? Would he allow those bigots hide behind the mask of religious conviction? And even if that wasn’t a mask – would he be ok with letting those people off the hook – meaning suspend for them the laws applicable to everyone else – just because they really really really belief that the blacks are the devil?

    Something tells me – no.

  • Allie.

    @Sabine: Kudos. I did a big ol’ LOL!

  • rogue dandelion

    @Sabine: I needed that.

  • Oladapo E. Adejumo

    Unedited letter #003
    Book: “The Foundation of Christianity Made Easy” (HARD TALK)

    Oladapo E. Adejumo
    Same Sex Activity is SIN

    We now have Christian Gay Communities, I wonder the Bible they are reading from because my Bible says its confusion and an example: God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of Homosexual behaviors. Why wasting your time to prevent the truth instead of facing the truth, which is asking for God to liberate you from such sin.

    Marriage is between man and woman, God made man in His image and likeness, He made them male and female for perfect union in marriage. Medical experts may not see anything wrong in people that practice same sex activities, yes but what about people having demonic spirit, that also will pass through medical test without being noticed, yet we always pray and cast devil out so why should someone with same sex attraction say it’s okay to be gay or lesbians, if so why can’t someone with evil spirit say it’s okay to be possessed? The simple truth is that God is against homosexual behaviors.

    I am not preaching hatred against you (gay or lesbians) as human beings but I am against the behavior because it is sinful. Pray to God to heal you, to deliver you from the bondage of same sex attraction and God will rescue you in Jesus Name (Amen). I don’t care about your laws or constitution accepting same sex marriage but I am sent to tell you the hot boiling truth and it is for your own good to repent and sin no more.

    You may not be in same sex activities but you are saying if they want let them do what they like, I think you need to change your mentality and stop supporting evil because that makes you an accessory to sin. Sin is sin so do what Jesus said; “let your no be no and yes be yes” trying to twist it or covet to a side is sin. Don’t support evil.

    Read The Foundation of Christianity Made Easy by Oladapo E. Adejumo for simple truth that will set you FREE.
    The author is willing to hear your comment about this letter, the book or about the author so send all requests to this email: [email protected]

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